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We offer guided bike rides in different places in Dalsland and at different levels. Please read about recommended level of fitness and also what kind of bike to use. E-bikes are more than welcome.

We take you on some of the best backcountry roads Dalsland has to offer. Varied terrain in stunning nature, we ride along beautiful lakes and through dense forests. Every ride has been carefully chosen to maximize the level of experience of the Dalsland terrain and variation in nature. The rides are both beautiful and great to ride but be prepared for all the rolling hills and tough short climbs :-)

Each tour has an experienced guide who keeps the group together and no one is left behind - everyone will finish. All guides has first aid training and bring firs-aid kits. Bikes can be booked online on this website.

On some tours there is the opportunity to buy coffee and lunch. Not always during the ride, but then you can buy before or after. Of course, you can also bring the energy you need yourself. In warm weather, there is also the opportunity for a quick dip in a suitable lake!

We ride in all weathers so please wear appropriate clothing. If the number of registered participants are to low the guided tour will be cancelled. We offer money back or the opportunity to participate at another guided tour. 

Please note that bike rental and fika/lunch are not included in the price. Maximum of 10 participants.

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DalslandExperience_568- Photo Cred Jonas Ingman.jpg


Together with the FB group "Gravel bike Vastsverige" we are hosting a free event for anyone interested in exploring a little bit of Dalsland. As the green leafts are bursting out and the green wilderness a - we head out on rural backcountry roads. Two distances and two local guides. Tempo is adapted to the group - this is not a race. Naturally we stop for fika/lunch on both distances. 

Date: May 19

Start: 10:00

Recommended bike: Gravel, CX or MTB

For who? Medium to experienced rider.

Price: Free. You pay your own fika/lunch

Meetup: The Dalsland Experience, Smedvägen 8, Skåpafors.
Afterwards we will also treat you to a lighter meal. There is a possibility to take a dip in lake Laxsjön (no showers). 


Experience riding together in the calm and quiet but bright midsummer night. A time when a lot of wildlife is on the move and traffic is non existing. Highten you senses and feel the warm air, smell the summer flowers and trees in bloom. Listen to the sound of wildlife deep in the forests and keep a look out for deer, foxes and moose. 

Date: June 14, 20, 23

Start: 21:00

Recommended bike: Gravel, CX or MTB

For who? Medium to experienced rider.

Price: 795 sek - book online. Midnight snack included.

Meetup: The Dalsland Experience, Smedvägen 8, Skåpafors.
The plan is to stop for a snack and also a midnight swim som bring towel and shorts/swimsuit. Also please put lights on your bike to increase visibility. 


Join us on our local favourite roads and experience forests, lakes and open landscape. We bring Swedish "fika" in our packing bags and head out on a chill evening ride together and you can experience the laid back Dalsland vibe.

Dates: Mondays from July 15 - Aug 26.

Start: 17:00 / 5 PM

Recemmended bike: E-bike (or gravel bike)

For who? Social ride. Anyone with experience of riding a bike. 

Price: from 375 sek - book online. 

Meetup: The Dalsland Experience, Smedvägen 8, Skåpafors.

Please note! Pleas note that bike rental is not included. 


Gravel social ride and we finish off with the famous pizza from Brukets Godaste for those who are hungry! Enjoy amazing gravel in great company and add unique pizzas to top it all of at the inspiring old factory setting which is now Not Quite.

Dates: June 28, July 12, 26, Aug 16, 30, Sept 6

Start: 16:00 / 4 PM

For who? Everyone - easy tempo

Recommended bike: MTB or Gravel

Price: from 675 sek - book online. Pizza included. Comment any allergies.

Meetup: At the local food store in Fengersfors. No energy to buy along the trip. Bring the energy and water you need. Store open at the start/end.


Long social ride on primarily gravel roads with an experienced guide and a chance to ride unmarked and unique roads. Stop for "fika"/lunch during the ride. No ride is shorter then 75 km or longer then 100 km. A great opportunity for anyone wanting to experience the best gravel Dalsland has to offer!

May 5 and 12 - The Dalsland Experience

June 9 - The Dalsland Experience
June 30 - Dalsland Center Håverud

July 14 - Laxsjöns Friluftsgård

July 28 - Ragnerudsjöns Vandringsdestination.

Aug 18 - Not Quite Fengersfors
Sept 1, 8 and 22 - Not Quite Fengersfors

Start: 9:00 / 9 AM

Recommended bike: Gravel, E-gravel, CX or XC-MTB

For who? Intermediate to experienced rider. Not for beginner riders.

Price: from 395 sek - book online. 

Bring extra energy and water to keep the energy level up. Also bring spare tubes. 


Gravel social ride on beatuiful backcountry roads surrounded by deep forests and occasional lakes. We finish off with After Bike at the local brewery Brukskällan! They offer localy produced lager and ale as well as non alcoholic alteratives and food! Enjoy amazing gravel in great company and add a unique after bike experience.

Date: June 26, July 5

Start: 16:00 - 4 PM

Recommended bike: Gravel, CX or MTB

For who? Everyone, easy tempo

Price: 475 sek - book online. No food or drinks included.

Meetup: Brukskallan Bryggeri (brewery), Bäckefors
The plan is to stop for a snack and also a midnight swim som bring towel and shorts/swimsuit. Also please put lights on your bike to increase visibility. 

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