We offer guided tours of Dalsland during the summer. Different places and routes so you can get to see more of Dalsland. 

Join us for a ride along some of the very best backcountry roads Dalsland have to offer. Great views, varied terrain and shifting nature along blue lakes and lush green forests. Little to no traffic and you really get close to nature. Bring your own bike or rent a bike from us. All of our bikes are very suitable for this kind of riding.



1-2 pers: 2 150 sek/pers

3-4 pers: 1 490 sek/pers

5-6 pers: 1 250 sek/pers

You and your local guide will set out to discover parts of Dalsland you have never seen before. Take a dip in one of the many lakes and take all the time you need. You are here to experience the quietness and relaxed nature of Dalsland. It is a two day experience and best suited for the experienced cyclist. Depending on experience your trip will be between 40 and 100 km per day. We can meet up in any destination in Dalsland where you are staying. 

  • A personal guide for 2 days

  • Lunch and "fika" both days

  • Adapted to your ability

Bike rental and lodging are not included. You get a 25% discount on bike rental. Please contact us to plan your trip and reserve bikes for you.


October 15th 2022

We are proud to be oganizing Dalsland Gravel Race in cooperation with Camp Dalsland. Choose between 70 or 140 km in stunning autumn colours on epic gravel roads. We aim to give you a great experience in a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Read more about it on

Dalsland Gravel 1.jpg


Ask for a quote

The possibilities to enjoy Dalsland on a bike is endless. Maybe you have some special requests or own ideas of what you would like to experience. We can combine biking with almost any other activity in Dalsland so please do not hesitate to take contact and discuss ideas or needs.  

Together we will make memories to last a lifetime.